Brave enough to take a risk and follow a dream - The Willow story began in January, 2013 as a home salon. August, 2016, the first Willow Day Spa opened its doors in Norman Park, Brisbane. Founder, Laura Soszynski, planted the seed 7 years ago when she realised her passion was to help and heal people. Her day spa is just one of the ways she has turned her dreams into inspiration for reality.


She saw the world not always as it is, but as it could be... With perhaps a little bit of magic.

The inspiration for Willow Day Spa is simple and organic. A Willow tree symbolises magic, healing, inner vision and dreams; this is the true essence of our spa. There is the gracefulness of a willow tree which attracts and invites lovers of nature to appreciate and reflect of the beauty of Nature; Willow Day Spa has captured the restful and graciousness of the Willow tree within their therapies.   


That feeling of relaxation as soon as you walk through the door.

You can expect a warm and nurturing space when entering Willow Day Spa. Vintage timber benches, flickering candle light and soft music are what will encourage the senses to continue to explore... The aromatherapy and warm herbal tea are what will bring you to healing hands. A complete experience for the mind, body and soul in a place where the only person that matters is you.


The Willow Tree is believed to posses the ability to heal the sick and rejuvenate the aged.

Every Willow Spa experience should be viewed as a treatment, not just a treat. No matter what treatment you are having done; if it is your brows or a complete spa package; you will walk out of our doors feeling as though you are entirely a new person. Our small unique touches are what makes your spa experience a memorable one. View our menu here.